Leanna Fanos Vazeos

Welcome to Flicker and Fawn, my custom wood burning business inspired by nature. I live in a small community outside of beautiful Manning Park, British Columbia with my husband and our mountain dog.  I have a long list of business experience; however, family and friends who know me well, know I’m always reinventing myself to keep fresh, present, authentic and inspired. After many years of working in the business world and raising our children in Greece and Canada, I am able to pursue my passion for drawing and wood burning.

I started my Pyrography Art while living in the remote mountains of my home and wanting to create something special for my new grandchildren for Christmas - Growth charts! That is where my story begins. I decided I would wood burn two custom growth charts inspired by nature; an enchanted forest and an ocean theme.  They were a huge hit, so I took my love of wood burning to another level and my days were filled with creating more growth charts, custom signs, Christmas décor, trivets, and anything else that would inspire me on that given day. 


All my pieces are one of a kind and inspired by the different wood I source on my property or locally that celebrates wild animals, nature and the beauty around me.  Friends, family and clients loved my work and to my surprise I found a calling and peacefulness in drawing and wood burning more and more pieces. 

Flicker and Fawn represents the individual raw essence of the wood I burn on, and the respect and passion I have for nature. Whether it’s designing life long custom pieces for children to “grow into” with my charts, or creating a river or mountain setting, my craft comes from the heart. 

Custom designs are welcome!